Thinkdiag Launch

Produsul este full activat pentru autoturisme cu soft Diagzone si beneficiaza de update gratuit timp de 2ani.Dupa aceasta perioada poate functiona offline pe timp nelimitat sau se poate prelungi abonamentul contra cost.Functions basic and additionalMajor:
- Coding control units
- Adaptation of control units
- Reads blocks of ecu, abs, esp, pillows, and other electronics
- Reading data streams of vehicle systems
- Display of current system parameters
- Check, test actuators
- Reading and erasing vehicle fault codes
- Automatic model identification by VIN16 maintenance functions to meet the maintenance vehicle repair and after-sales maintenance. 1.Oil Reset Service
2.Steering Angle Calibration
3.Electronic Parking Brake Reset
4.Battery Register & Battery Maintenance
5.ABS Bleeding
6.Electronic Throttle Position Reset & Learn
7.Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration
8.Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset
9.Tooth Learning
10.Anti-theft Matching
11.Injector matching
12.Air Suspension Reset
13. Gearbox Reset
14.Sunroof RESET
15.EGR Reset
16.AFS reset

1.400,00 RON