Tester and injector cleaner

Tester and injector cleaner
Produs nr.: AD804
Preţul dumneavoastră: 2.500,00 RON
Disponibilitate: La cerere

1.1 Working condition:

-power supply AC 220V
-frequency 50Hz
-humidity  <85%
-enviroment temperature  0"C  to 40"C
-magnetic field    <400A/m
-spark and fire is prohibited

2.2 Specications:

-fuel tank capaciy 2000ml
-capacity measuring cylinder125 ml
-injecting times :0-9900 step 100ms
-PWM pulse 0-20ms step 0,1ms
sistem pressure 0-0,6Mpa (adjustable)
-time 0-20min (adjustable
-power of ultrasonic cleaning 70W
-frquency of ultrasonic cleaning 28Kh